A: Cubase LE 9.5 HERE , Cubase LE 10 HERE

A: HERE you will find info on how to activate and re-active your licenses.

A: Fluid Audio Monitors with Standby circuit need >3 mV for signal detection. To solve this, lower the volume on your monitors and increase the output volume of the connected source.

A: Make sure you use the latest Cubasis 2 LE from the App Store and update your SRI-2 with the latest firmware, HERE. Be sure that you have connected external power through the micro USB port on the back before you connect your SRI-2 to the iPad.

A: Motherboards/Laptops/docking stations and PCIe to USB 3 adapter cards that use USB 3 controller chips from the following manufacturers are are not recommended for use with Fluid Audio SRI-2:
Texas Instruments
Fresco Logic
Issues you can experiance is no sound and static noise

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