Before buying our products online, please read this: Fluid Audio sells products through its network of authorized dealers and distributors. These dealers agree to stock our products, understand the technology and applications, and are ready to assist you to get the most out of your ownership experience. For these reasons, Fluid Audio strongly recommends that you purchase new merchandise from an authorized dealer. Fluid Audio will not warranty any products purchased online through an unauthorized dealer. If you would like to check with us to confirm whether a dealer is authorized or not, check the list below or email us at [email protected]

Adorama Audio Fluid Audio dealer Adorama Contact 800-223-2500
Alto Music Fluid Audio dealer Alto Music Contact 844-248-3216
AMS Fluid Audio dealer AMS Send Email 1-800-458-4076
Bananas at Large Banans at Large Send Email 888-900-1959
Guitar Center Fluid Audio dealer Guitar Center Send Email 866-498-7882
Kellards Fluid Audio dealer Kellards Send Email (212) 747-878
Musician's Friend Fluid Audio dealer Musician's Friend   877-514-5686
Parsons Audio Fluid Audio dealer Parsons Audio Send Email 781-431-8708
PhotoSavings Fluid Audio dealer PhotoSavings Send Email 800-606-7468
Photo4Less Photo4Less Contact 888-453-7746
SixStarPSL SixStarPSL Contact 213-612-5886
Zzounds Fluid Audio dealer zZounds Send Email 866-996-8637
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